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Terms & Conditions

These terms & conditions are written in as simple terms as possible to help provide a complete understanding. They refer to services provided by Twoork Ltd via the Twoork mobile application or website

Please read this agreement in full before accepting or engaging with any of the services provided by the company (Twoork Ltd).


    1. "Twoork Ltd" is the company running the mobile application & website services trading as "Twoork"
    2. "Twoork" often referred to as "the company" or "Twoork Ltd".
    3. "Twoork Ltd" is a private limited company registered in England & Wales; company No. 10546709
    4. "The website" refers to or a variation domain name with the same destination owned by the company.
    5. "The application" or "app" refers to the mobile app service downloadable through the App store or Google Play.
    6. "Candidate" or "candidates" is the term used in this agreement and commonly across our services in relation to our users who are seeking work whether it is full-time or temporary.
    7. "Employer" or "employers" is the term used in this agreement and commonly across our services in relation to our users who are seeking workers or employees on a full-time or temporary basis.
    8. "User" or "users" refer to anyone who has signed up and agreed to our terms & conditions and privacy policy.
    9. "Permanent job" is the term used for work that is offered or desired on a permanent basis.
    10. "Temporary work" or "temp work" is the term used for work that is offered or desired on a temporary basis; meaning as little as one shift or more.
    11. "Shift" or "shifts" are worked by candidates on a temporary basis for the agreed amount or hours or "shifts". Shifts are agreed to via our mobile app or website between the employer & candidate before work can commence.
    12. "Jobs board" is the term given to the way in which jobs are viewed. All jobs posted by an employer whether full-time or temporary will be displayed in the jobs board for candidates to view.
    13. "Rota" often referred to as "my rota" or "your rota" is a service provided via our mobile app & website that displays temporary work shifts including details of any work agreed upon and any relevant financial information such as rate of pay. Employers & candidates have access to a rota and can view their agreed work patterns at any time.
    14. "Rate of pay" is what an employer agrees to pay candidates when posting a job advertisement and will state how much the candidate will earn per job or per hour.
    15. "Account" refers to a users information and professional profile secured with a login & password protected area of the website & mobile application.
    16. "Profile" or "professional profile" refers to a users profile on Twoork that is used to showcase their employer brand or represent a candidates online CV.
    17. "Verified" or "verified profile" refers to an account that has been verified by a Twoork associate and is eligible to apply for temporary work.
    18. "Associate" or "Twoork associate" refers to someone employed by the company that will check temporary workers documents, resolve disputes as well as any other tasks laid out by the company.
    19. "No show" refers to candidates not turning up to work when they have agreed to.
    20. "Logged" or "Logging" refers to logging disputes between employer & candidates or updating the employment status of an employee if a temporary worker is hired for permanent work by the employer.
    21. "Job post" is when an employer advertises available job vacancies.
    22. "Applicants" or "applications" describe those applying for a job via our services.

    1. This agreement is between Twoork, its users of the mobile app & website, candidates & employers.
    2. When viewing Twoork’s mobile app & website you are agreeing to these terms & conditions.
    3. A signature, e-signature or formal acknowledgement of these terms & conditions are not necessary.
    4. If you do not agree to any of these terms & conditions within this agreement please do not use our services.
    5. If you have any questions in regards to these terms & conditions please contact
    6. It is your responsibility to seek further independent advice; legally or financially before agreeing to our terms & conditions or engaging with any services that belong to Twoork.
    7. Any delay from Twoork to act upon the terms & conditions within this agreement is not a waiver of any rights within this agreement.
    8. If within good reason, legally or illegally any part of this agreement is found to be void, the remainder of this agreement will still act as accordingly.
    9. These terms cannot be altered unless authorised by a director of Twoork Ltd; in some cases more than one director of the company may have to give consent for terms to be changed.
    10. Any variation of these terms & conditions must be made in writing by a director of Twoork Ltd.

    1. You agree that the information you share via our services is the best to your knowledge truthful and factual.
    2. In some cases Twoork might request further significant information to back up fact based information shared with its services.
    3. Any links to illegal activity will be reported appropriately and in most cases; the company will prosecute when possible.
    4. You have a right to report any suspicious or illegal activity you witness whilst engaging with Twoork’s services or whilst working through an employer you have engaged with via twoork.
    5. Employers have a responsibility to report suspicious or illegal activity about candidates or users they have engaged with via Twoork’s services or in person; to the relevant authorities. For the safety of others, any such behaviour should be reported to the company immediately after taking appropriate action.
    6. We do not charge transfer fees and if you would like to hire a candidate who has engaged with you via our services, you will do your best to ensure that details are logged via the app to ensure the safety of our users.
    7. Failure to log candidate’s details when employing them through Twoork’s services can result in suspension of your account or complete removal.
    8. Failure to log candidates you have met via Twoork’s services could result in a £5000 fine or 20% of the candidate’s annual salary; whichever is deemed greater.
    9. When agreeing to work through our services, you have a responsibility to attend or carry out that work as stated in the agreed job posts. Failure to do so may result in your account being suspended or removed. If you fail to carry out the agreed work more than once without using our cancellation process: your account will be suspended.
    10. You will not abuse any Twoork services, employees, employers, third parties met through Twoork’s services or other users; verbally, physically or emotionally.
    11. You will not provide links to harmful website that use viruses, malicious coding, downloads, pop-ups, bots or any other harmful activity.
    12. You will not provide links to offensive or harmful websites with the intent to upset.
    13. Illegal activity will be reported and in cases prosecution will be necessary.

    1. Candidates do not have to accept a job, a shift or work if they do not wish to.
    2. Twoork may obtain further information about candidates that is not submitted via its services. This information is in regards to confirming a person’s identity, work experience, qualifications & integrity.
    3. Twoork will do what can be reasonably done to ensure that both employer and candidate are aware of any legal requirements that need to be reviewed or rectified before work can commence.
    4. Candidates have a responsibility to ensure that all information they share with Twoork or its services is correct and truthful.
    5. Candidates seeking temporary work will have to provide one or more forms of identification, proof of address, right to work in the United Kingdom documentation and two written references; to a Twoork associate in person.
    6. Once a candidate has successfully been approved by a Twoork associate, their profile will then be verified and will be eligible to apply for temporary work.
    7. Candidates agree to not contact employers through other means once engaging with them via Twoork’s services.
    8. Failure to comply with 4.5 will result in suspension or removal of the candidates account.
    9. Candidates agreeing to work via Twoork’s services must carry out work as described in the post. Any disputes should be done so immediately to an associate.
    10. If a candidate wishes to cancel agreed work for sickness or other means, they must do so by using the cancelation process for that job.
    11. Failure to attend work agreed upon will result in suspension or removal of your account.
    12. More than one no show is an automatic removal of a candidates account.
    13. Candidates must check all job description details before applying for work. The information in the job post must be relevant & necessary to your location, skill set, qualifications and experience; before applying.
    14. Candidates are responsible for their own health & safety as well as the employer. If you feel you are not safe in a situation (at work) it is up to you to stop the work immediately and report the incident to your line manager and/or a Twoork associate to ensure matters can be resolved as quickly as possible.

    1. Employers are responsible for the information they share with Twoork and its services. All information should be truthful to the best of your knowledge.
    2. Twoork may obtain further information regarding facts or information used by employers via Twoork’s services or via the employer’s website, social media accounts, blogs or publications.
    3. Employers are responsible for the health & safety or any candidates whether employed permanently or temporarily through Twoork’s services.
    4. Employers agree to have taken all necessary steps to ensure they provide a safe workplace.
    5. Employers must state before issuing work; any problems they might have when ensuring a safe workplace.
    6. If an employer believes there is any significant risk to candidates then they must highlight this before work is agreed upon and provide evidence of how they will prevent the candidate from being in danger.
    7. In the event of knowing a candidate could be in danger, Twoork will cancel the work to ensure the safety of the candidate.
    8. Employers must not approach candidates offline or through other means without logging details via the app; see 3.6., 3.7. and 3.8.

    1. The employer & candidate are bound by these terms & conditions and all further agreements made between each other when posting & accepting work.
    2. Neither employer nor candidate should agree to offer or undertake work unless they are satisfied with the information provided in the job post.
    3. If either party feel they must cancel agreed work or shifts, they must follow Twoork’s cancellation process.
    4. Candidates cannot apply for temporary work unless verified by a Twoork associate in person. Please see 4.5. & 4.6. further details.
    5. Twoork reserve the right to downgrade accounts and make an account no longer verified.
    6. As a candidate you agree to follow the steps given in the employee handbook when verifying your account & to follow any instructions or guidance given to you by the employer.
    7. As an employer you will be responsible for supervising the candidate and ensuring they are able to carry out the work required in a safe environment.
    8. Employers can refer to our candidate guide when seeking further information on managing anyone hired temporary through our services.
    9. Rate of pay cannot be disputed once work has been agreed upon.
    10. Hours worked must be disputed within 48 hours to ensure any corrections are made immediately.
    11. In the event that hours are disputed, a Twoork associate will review the situation and make necessary amendments.
    12. It is the candidate’s responsibility to ensure they sign in and out of work; giving the correct clock in details will ensure correct payment is received.
    13. It is the employer’s responsibility to supervise candidates and therefore should ensure candidates sign in and out of any work agreed.

    1. Employers agree to post information that is truthful and factual to the best of their knowledge; and not misleading or open to interpretation.
    2. Employers must include a rate of pay or a salary that will be received by successful applicants.
    3. Employers have the right to remove any job posts at any given time if work has not already been offered through the job post to a candidate.
    4. Agreed work between an employer & candidate is a commitment and must be carried out.
    5. Employers & candidates must not contact each other via other means unless stated through the app. Twoork simply ask this as a safety measure and will in some instances fine employers breaking these terms. Please refer to section 3.6., 3.7. & 3.8.
    6. If 7.5. is not adhered to then suspension or removal of accounts will be considered.
    7. Job posts cannot be edited once published.
    8. If a job post must be amended this can only be done through a Twoork associate and this could take up to 24 hours.
    9. Job posts are subject to charges and this will be made clear prior to publishing.
    10. Job posts will be paid for before publishing.
    11. Candidates must apply for positions that best suit their criteria including skills, experience, qualifications and interests.
    12. Candidates must only apply for jobs or shifts they wish to work. Accounts will be suspended or removed if candidates abuse the services.

    1. This section will be updated before payments are accepted through our services or payment is expected.
    2. This section is not valid at this time but will be amended accordingly as our services are developed.

    1. The employer accepts all responsibility for the candidate once on site after both parties agreeing to the work.
    2. The employer takes responsibility of supervising the candidate and ensuring they do the necessary work required.
    3. If the candidate is unsatisfactory, Twoork can reduce candidate’s hours if notice is given and the candidate ceases to work immediately. If sufficient evidence is not presented by the employer to prove the candidate is unsatisfactory then the candidate may be paid 4 hours work even if they did not complete a total of 4 hours work. Unsatisfactory claims should be made within the first 4 hours of the candidates work.
    4. It is the responsibility of the employer to ensure that candidates do not have access to cash or other valuables. The employer does so at their own risk and is responsible for supervising candidates. For candidates that are required to handle cash, Twoork will not take responsibility for any discrepancies at the end of a shift should there be any.
    5. Any stolen valuables or cash, damage, delays, expenses or illegal activity demonstrated by the candidate should be reported to the relevant authorities and logged with Twoork immediately. In these circumstances Twoork cannot be held liable.
    6. The employer will not expect the candidate to use any motor vehicle unless satisfactory proof of third party liability insurance cover has been provided. In this event the employer agrees to be solely responsible for the actions of the candidate and will clear Twoork against any liability of the candidate’s actions.
    7. The employer agrees to not present a candidate with a contract or approach candidates via other services or in person about permanent work unless logged through the app. Please see points 3.6., 3.7. & 3.8.

    1. Employers agree to indemnify Twoork whilst using its services; against any cost, claims and liabilities incurred by Twoork regarding the employer breaking any or all terms of this agreement, regulations or laws.

    1. 2015 If an employer provides work to a candidate for more than 12 weeks, the candidate is entitled to the same basic rights as if they had been employed directly; Basic pay including holiday pay, overtime and bonuses Working time duration Night work Rest periods and rest breaks Annual leave
    2. Pregnant candidates who have completed the 12 week qualifying period will be entitled to paid time off for ante natal appointments.
    3. Pregnant candidates may be entitled to other rights not listed in these terms & conditions. Candidates, employers & Twoork should keep communication open about any rights that pregnant candidates may be entitled to and should be reviewed by the company as soon as possible to ensure the candidate is treated fairly.

    1. We reserve the right to suspend or remove users from our services with no prior notice at our discretion. Abuse of our services, toward other users or toward third parties whilst engaging with Twoork will result in suspension of your account and possibly complete removal. If your account is suspended or removed you can request further information to obtain why. In some cases this may take up to 28 days to provide full details of why your account is suspended or removed. Within reason Twoork can reactive accounts but it is at our discretion to do so. If you are responsible for not cancelling a shift in the agreed amount of time or not attending a shift more than once, your account will be suspended.

    1. Twoork may change this agreement including our Privacy Policy. Changes to these agreements will be stated clearly at the top of the page with reference to any or all sections changed. In the event of changing these agreements, all users will be notified of changes via email.
    2. Continuing to use Twoork’s services after any changes are made will be an automatic agreement to these terms & conditions and any revisions.
    3. Twoork has to right to change, remove, modify or suspend any aspect of its services at any time.


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